My favorite 100 albums (2016)

In 2016 I decided I need a kick in the pants to do some more writing and blogging. So I decided to start by writing about my (at the time) favorite 100 albums. Are these the objectively best albums ever? No. No they are not. Well, some of them are. But these are the albums that were, at the time, my favorites out of thousands of albums I own and listen to.

If I were making the list today, it’d be different. I’d have Khruangbin on there, for sure. Leonard Cohen’s final album, Kamasi Washington’s The Epic. Aimee Mann’s Mental Illness might have displaced one of her other albums. One of these days I might revisit the list and re-rank them, include new ones, bump a few off the list. My tastes have evolved in the past few years to include a lot more jazz/instrumental music, and I find myself listening to classic rock a little less.

Don’t think I’d budge on the top 10, though. We’ll see. If you want to share your thoughts hit me up on Twitter, or leave some comments on one of the posts.