“Waxworks” & “Beeswax” by XTC (No. 31)

Waxworks and Beeswax are a double dose of angular, jumpy, frenetic pop from Swindon's XTC. This pairing captures the very best of XTC's early period, before they evolved into a more "pastoral" (and Beatlesque) sound on later albums. Officially Waxworks: Some Singles 1977–1982 and Beeswax: Some B-Sides 1977–1982 are separate albums. However, I'm lumping them … Continue reading “Waxworks” & “Beeswax” by XTC (No. 31)

“Psonic Psunspot” by Dukes of Stratosphere / XTC (No. 41)

Psonic Psunspot is the best collection of 60s psychedelia ever recorded in the mid-80s. The members of XTC, working under the pseudonym Dukes of Stratosphear basically channeled some of their musical influences from the 60s and delivered 10 outstanding replicas that easily stand alongside XTC's best work. Psunspot is actually XTC's second venture back in … Continue reading “Psonic Psunspot” by Dukes of Stratosphere / XTC (No. 41)