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AI-generated replica of a "mini PC" but weird. Has odd ports and circuitry at all angles.

Lazyweb: Matching compatible mini-PCs with RAM / NVMe on hand?

I’ve recently upgraded a few laptops and have some NVMe drives and spare RAM on hand. Rather than letting them gather dust or try to…

Cartoon bear at the computer (generated by Midjourney v4)

MacBook Pro 2015 update: The winner is Pop!_OS

After a few tries to put Fedora on the MacBook Pro 2015, I auditioned a number of other Linux distros and wound up going with…

AI-generated robot showing off an ID. Robot looks happy.

Careful when cloning: Editing machine IDs for fun and profit

Today I was setting up some VMs on Fedora in Cockpit and decided to clone an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS image, which immediately pulled the same…