“Document” by R.E.M. (No. 19)

For Document R.E.M. picked up a much harder edge than previous albums. Sure, Life's Rich Pageant dabbled a bit with more aggressive guitar, but Document has a much harsher sound throughout. And it sounds so, so good. Document practically kicks you in the face with the opening track, "Finest Worksong." A whip-crack snare and then … Continue reading “Document” by R.E.M. (No. 19)

“Black Snake Diamond Röle” by Robyn Hitchcock (No. 59)

The first solo Robyn Hitchcock album, Black Snake Diamond Röle, literally opened a new world of music for me. A friend in high school declared that I'd like it, and handed me a cassette recorded from the LP. She was wrong, though. I didn't like it, I loved it. This was around 1986, and at … Continue reading “Black Snake Diamond Röle” by Robyn Hitchcock (No. 59)