"Aquatic Flowers" by Tristen (album cover)
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Jukebox selections: Tristen, Black Sky Giant, HUBRID & The Racers Feat. Hunter Norton, Hashshashin

Been a little quiet on the music front, but not for lack of listening. The opposite, really. The last month or two have been a musical firehose of new stuff,…

Shpongle Live in London 2013
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Shpongle: Live in London

Late to the party is better than never to the party. Shpongle has been around for ages, but first crossed my radar a few months ago. Decided to see if…

Album cover: "The Wall" by Pink Floyd
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“The Wall” by Pink Floyd (No. 22)

The Who‘s Tommy pioneered the “rock opera.” Pink Floyd perfected it with The Wall. Like Tommy, The Wall is a sprawling two-album work. Running more than 80 minutes, The Wall…