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Cover for "Wonderful Christmastime"

In defense of “Wonderful Christmastime”

It’s that time of year. The Christmas tunes are out in full force. For the most part, I’m not a Christmas music stan. I don’t…

Album cover: "Tomorrow the green grass" by the Jayhawks

Jukebox selections: MASTER BOOT RECORD, The Jayhawks, Paul McCartney meets Khruangbin

Been a bit between posts, so here’s another run at the jukebox for all my readers looking for a few good tunes to pass the…

James Jamerson Sr. playing bass

James Jamerson: The unsung Motown bassist that influenced Paul McCartney

James Jamerson is just one of many session players in the 50s and 60s who went virtually unknown during his lifetime. Even now, after being…

"Abbey Road" album cover

“Abbey Road” by The Beatles (No. 2)

Abbey Road is more or less The Beatles‘ final album1, and it contains some of the group’s strongest work – especially George Harrison, who finally…

"Help!" album cover (Parlophone version)

“Help!” by The Beatles (No. 3)

Here’s where it all began, my lifelong obsession with music. Technically, it was the movie Help! that helped turn me into a music junkie, but…

"Rubber Soul" album cover

“Rubber Soul” by The Beatles (No. 8)

Famed Rock critic Robert Christgau called Rubber Soul “when The Beatles began to go arty.” Reductive, perhaps, but also true. Rubber Soul is not as…

Wings Over America album cover

“Wings Over America” by Paul McCartney & Wings (No. 47)

Wings live album Wings Over America is another one of those albums that I pretty much wore out the cassette tape. Thank goodness for CDs…

Elvis Costello "Spike" album cover

“Spike” by Elvis Costello (No. 75)

Spike features Elvis Costello’s highest-charting single, “Veronica” – co-written with and featuring Paul McCartney. That’s just the cherry on the sundae for this album, though.