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Bandcamp Friday recommendations: Eliza Rickman, Stickster, Renssy Rios, and much more

It’s Bandcamp Friday! Bandcamp has been waiving revenue share on the 1st Friday of each month to help artists who’ve had their incomes seriously impacted by the pandemic. Reminder from…

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Jah Wobble meets The Edge

A few days ago I was reading through Jah Wobble’s discography and noticed something I hadn’t spotted before, an EP with Holger Czukay and U2’s The Edge. This dates back…

Nicky Skopelitis Ekstasis album cover
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“Ekstasis” by Nicky Skopelitis (No. 79)

On the off chance that anyone is actually playing along at home, I feel bad about listing records that you can’t easily find on Spotify, Google Play, or other digital…