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Cartoon bear at the computer (generated by Midjourney v4)

Extremely minimal blogging with WriteFreely

Loving the explosion of IndieWeb activity. For fun I decided to try out WriteFreely, a really minimal blog with ActivityPub features.

AI-generated Rube Goldberg contraption with pen-ink style

Taming Mastodons for a better web

The surge of people joining Mastodon and the Fediverse the past few days has been inspiring. I’m optimistic about the potential for a better web,…

Fraidycat logo

Amyl and the Sniffers, Fraidycat web follower, Mogwai

Let’s shake some of my browser tabs and see what falls out. Fraidycat web follower / feed reader RSS has been on the decline since…

Using the Wayback Machine Downloader to rebuild Dissociated Press

This domain has been online since January 2001. A homepage or, more often, some type of blog has been here almost as long. I’ve been,…