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Steve Lawson album cover, "Episode 50: A New Hope."

Listen to this: Steve Lawson “Episode 50: A New Hope”

Fresh new music for the first week of the new year, Steve Lawson’s Episode 50: A New Hope is two epic-length tracks of introspective goodness….

Zoë Keating album cover for "Into the Trees"

Perfect year-end music: Zoë Keating’s Into The Trees

Today was my last work day of 2022. While I was doing some writing I put Into The Trees on for a little focus music….

Access Denied (album cover) by Asian Dub Foundation

Last Bandcamp Friday of 2022! Eliza Rickman, Mdou Moctar, Asian Dub Foundation

It’s the last Bandcamp Friday of the year, which means Bandcamp forgoes its cut and artists get the entire price (minus some processing fees). Not…

Agadez by Etran de L'Aïr album cover

Listen to these: Steve Lawson, Etran de L’Air, Brian Jackson & Automatic

The past few months have been a little less productive in terms of finding new music, but there’ve been a few gems I’ve been wanting…

Instrumental throwdown: Check these out

A question popped up yesterday on Ask Metafilter for recommendations of instrumental rock, pop, electro, whatever “just no vocals” from the past 5 years. Highly…

Nightmares on Wax "In a Space Outta Sound"

Saturday sounds: Nightmares on Wax, Buckethead

Two discs from the back catalog to talk about today, In a Space Outta Sound by Nightmares on Wax and Forgotten Library from Buckethead. In…

Information Society ODDfellows

August 2021 Bandcamp Friday suggestions: ZENKA, Information Society, Harmony Woods, The Robotic Hands of God & more

Once again, Bandcamp Friday is upon us. It’s a good time to snag anything you’ve had your eye on from Bandcamp, and if you haven’t…

Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook's Psychonavigation album I

Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook: Psychonavigation 1-5

Bill Laswell‘s discography is intimidating, and I’ve been grappling with it for a few years now. This week I decided to sit down and give…

Cover for Theon Cross single "We Go Again"

Saturday singles: Ministry “Good Trouble,” Theon Cross “We Go Again”

Catching up on new music today and two singles grabbed my attention above the rest, a single from Theon Cross and a cut from Ministry…

Album cover: Simple Syrup by Sunny War

Jukebox selections: Earthspace, Kill Shelter + Antipole, Sunny War “Staying Alive” cover & much more

It’s another Bandcamp Friday! Time to fill up the cart and bring home some great tunes. Looking for a few ideas? Check out some of…