“Whatever” by Aimee Mann (No. 18)

A word of caution before listening to Aimee Mann's Whatever – it may very well cause you to recalibrate your standards for songwriting. If you're setting your standards by this album, it's almost unfair to most other bands. Almost. Released in 1993, Whatever was Mann's first solo album – but certainly not her first time … Continue reading “Whatever” by Aimee Mann (No. 18)

“Document” by R.E.M. (No. 19)

For Document R.E.M. picked up a much harder edge than previous albums. Sure, Life's Rich Pageant dabbled a bit with more aggressive guitar, but Document has a much harsher sound throughout. And it sounds so, so good. Document practically kicks you in the face with the opening track, "Finest Worksong." A whip-crack snare and then … Continue reading “Document” by R.E.M. (No. 19)

“Queen Elvis” by Robyn Hitchcock ‘n’ The Egyptians (No. 21)

Watching "alternative" bands like The Cure, R.E.M., and U2 punch through to mainstream success, I had high hopes that Robyn Hitchcock would break through with Queen Elvis. Released in March 1989, Hitchcock was opening for R.E.M. on the Green tour. Queen Elvis, by Robyn Hitchcock 'n the Egyptians, was on a major label and they … Continue reading “Queen Elvis” by Robyn Hitchcock ‘n’ The Egyptians (No. 21)