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Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Christmas playlist part six: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a holiday staple around these parts. It has been for me since I first saw the movie in 1993. It’s…

Album cover: Bloodletting

“Bloodletting” by Concrete Blonde (No. 12)

Bloodletting gets tagged with the “gothic rock” genre, which is a bit unfair to Concrete Blonde. Sure, it’s got a wee bit of goth about…

Album cover: The Future by Leonard Cohen

“The Future” by Leonard Cohen (No. 14)

The Future is currently my favorite album by Leonard Cohen, and some of his darkest material. Coming four years after I’m Your Man, The Future…

Cover for Broken by Nine Inch Nails

“Broken” by Nine Inch Nails (No. 16)

Just how loud and angry can an album be, without devolving into noise? With Broken Nine Inch Nails tells us, pretty fucking loud and angry….

Album cover for "Whatever" by Aimee Mann

“Whatever” by Aimee Mann (No. 18)

A word of caution before listening to Aimee Mann‘s Whatever – it may very well cause you to recalibrate your standards for songwriting. If you’re…

OK Computer by Radiohead album cover

“OK Computer” by Radiohead (No. 37)

I don’t consider myself a big Radiohead fan, but OK Computer is just too damn good not to make the list. OK Computer popped up…

Pearl Jam Vs. album cover

“Vs.” by Pearl Jam (No. 46)

Pearl Jam‘s Vs. hits all the sweet spots for me as a fan of the band. All the band’s metaphorical engines are firing at full,…

Bachelor No. 2 by Aimee Mann album cover

“Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo” by Aimee Mann (No. 54)

Bachelor No. 2 is the album that, if Interscope had its way, wouldn’t have been released at all. Instead, Aimee Mann bought the rights back…

Album cover "Copper Blue" by Sugar

“Copper Blue” by Sugar (No. 60)

Sugar‘s debut album, Copper Blue is a fusion of metal and melody, full of joyful noise and irresistible poppy compositions. Sugar is Bob Mould‘s follow-up…

Album cover - Dada Puzzle

“Puzzle” by Dada (No. 67)

The early 90s were a great time for music. Not only were there a lot of really interesting bands putting out albums, it was the…