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Jukebox selections: Bambie Thug, Method of Defiance, Aesthetic Perfection and more

A few of the things that I’ve caught in the last few weeks that are keeping my ears busy, including Method of Defiance, Bambie Thug, Aesthetic Perfection and others. One…

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Link-o-Rama: Hunspell dict format, curl is 23, response to

A few of the posts I found interesting this week. 17 (ever so slightly) weird facts about the most popular dictionary format: “the dictionary format of Hunspell has a lot…

Devil Doll "Lover & a Fighter" album cover
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Devil Doll returns with “Lover & a Fighter”

After 13 years, Devil Doll (a.k.a. Colleen Duffy) is back with Lover & a Fighter, a release that is as strong as her debut album Queen Of Pain. The lead…

Album playing with vibrant colors
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Bandcamp Friday recommendations: Eliza Rickman, Stickster, Renssy Rios, and much more

It’s Bandcamp Friday! Bandcamp has been waiving revenue share on the 1st Friday of each month to help artists who’ve had their incomes seriously impacted by the pandemic. Reminder from…

It's a Mistake - cover for 7" single
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“It’s a Mistake” by Men at Work: pop at the height of the cold war

There’s not a bad song on Cargo (1983), but “It’s a Mistake” is one of the standout cuts on the album. Written by Colin Hay, it was the third single…

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The Wonder Twins: Sir Wobbles and Cupcake

Sir Wobbles and Cupcake are siblings that we were fostering a few years ago and decided we couldn’t give them up. Sir Wobbles, as his name suggests, is a wobbly…

Fraidycat logo
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Amyl and the Sniffers, Fraidycat web follower, Mogwai

Let’s shake some of my browser tabs and see what falls out. Fraidycat web follower / feed reader RSS has been on the decline since Google snuffed Google Reader. Many…

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The many faces of Laney McScratcherson

Laney McScratcherson is a tortoiseshell tabby cat (torbie) that I adopted from Animal House in St. Louis in late 2013. It might be more accurate to say she adopted me,…

James Jamerson Sr. playing bass
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James Jamerson: The unsung Motown bassist that influenced Paul McCartney

James Jamerson is just one of many session players in the 50s and 60s who went virtually unknown during his lifetime. Even now, after being inducted into the Rock and…

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Using the Display Posts plugin with WordPress and custom CSS

In case this helps anybody else, wanted to share how I created the Top 100 Albums page here on Dissociated Press. I wanted to be able to automagically create a…