Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook's Psychonavigation album I
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Bill Laswell & Pete Namlook: Psychonavigation 1-5

Bill Laswell‘s discography is intimidating, and I’ve been grappling with it for a few years now. This week I decided to sit down and give the entire five album Psychonavigation…

Album playing with vibrant colors
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John Taylor: The Japan Album (1999)

Did you know John Taylor, of Duran Duran fame, has a string of solo albums? I did not, until very recently. Though a little digital crate-digging I managed to find…

Cover for Theon Cross single "We Go Again"
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Saturday singles: Ministry “Good Trouble,” Theon Cross “We Go Again”

Catching up on new music today and two singles grabbed my attention above the rest, a single from Theon Cross and a cut from Ministry for their upcoming album Moral…

"Aquatic Flowers" by Tristen (album cover)
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Jukebox selections: Tristen, Black Sky Giant, HUBRID & The Racers Feat. Hunter Norton, Hashshashin

Been a little quiet on the music front, but not for lack of listening. The opposite, really. The last month or two have been a musical firehose of new stuff,…

Sir Wobbles ponders
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Link-o-Rama: The ugly underneath Amazon Prime, time to ditch Chrome, analyzing music and more…

Using Chrome to buy on Amazon Prime? Maybe think twice. Want to automate your playlists? Try Bliss. Post examining what happens behind the scenes when buying from Amazon, and the…

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“Authenticity” is a trap

The idea of “authenticity” and “selling out” when applied to artists, musicians, and other folks is largely bullshit. Worse, it’s a trap. Let me back up a sec. The other…

Album playing with vibrant colors
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An impossible task: 100 favorite songs

A discussion came up this past week about favorite albums / songs, and having already done the 100 albums project I was able to URL-slap the chat channel with my…

Album cover: "Tomorrow the green grass" by the Jayhawks
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Jukebox selections: MASTER BOOT RECORD, The Jayhawks, Paul McCartney meets Khruangbin

Been a bit between posts, so here’s another run at the jukebox for all my readers looking for a few good tunes to pass the time. Some oldies, some goodies,…

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Link-o-Rama: Google testing new targeted ads, FreeBSD’s big oops, Henry Rollins’ record habits & Robyn Hitchcock’s essential records

Some interesting bits this time around. If you’re a Chrome user you need to read up on Google’s plans for replacing third-party cookies. FreeBSD users, check out what almost made…

Album cover: Simple Syrup by Sunny War
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Jukebox selections: Earthspace, Kill Shelter + Antipole, Sunny War “Staying Alive” cover & much more

It’s another Bandcamp Friday! Time to fill up the cart and bring home some great tunes. Looking for a few ideas? Check out some of these albums and artists. Lagniappe…