About Dissociated Press

Dissociated Press is my little corner of the web that has existed, one way or another, for more than 20 years.

The name is a play on “Associated Press,” of course, because I was stuck thinking of a name and tried to land on something like “copyleft” but for publishing. I wasn’t the first to think of the term, but I was the first to register the domain.

I started the site with a few pages of HTML written in Vim and dallied with Slashcode, Blosxom, phpWebLog, Bashblog, and a slew of others over the years. I’ve declared tech and content bankruptcy a few times (or had it declared for me when my hardware went down sans backups), but keep coming back to WordPress and throwing words out into the Ether. 

As time allows I’ve pulled some of the content from older iterations of the site into WordPress from Archive.org, if I think it’s worth preserving in some fashion. I don’t think all of the site’s content has been preserved but Archive.org has done a better job backing it up than I have, at least until recently. They’re doing the Lord’s Work and I recommend giving them a donation now and again if you’re able.

In case it doesn’t go without saying… the opinions and words here are mine, and mine alone (except where quoted, or comments, of course), and not those of any company I am employed by or have been employed by. In fact, some of the opinions here probably aren’t even mine any more, but I can’t blame anybody else for them.