See you at Open Source Summit North America!

In just a few weeks I’m going to be dusting off the slide clicker and giving two talks at Open Source Summit North America. I’ll be giving one talk on databases and containers, and another talk about working with text on Linux using Vim and other tools. Kind of a 101 for people who might want to delve into some command line magic for working with text.

Are Containers Ready for Production Databases?

The database community is notoriously skeptical and slow to adopt new technologies, and with good reason. Your app can go down, but you can’t lose or corrupt your customers’ data — that is a potential company-killing event. This session will explore a variety of paths for running stateful database workloads on containers, specifically focusing on fully open-source approaches rather than proprietary software. We’ll explain and show your options spanning from Docker and Podman volumes to Kubernetes operators and beyond. If you’re curious about whether containers are mature enough to run production databases, this session is for you.

Everything You Need to Know about Vim and Text on Linux

You don’t need to use Vim to work with Linux, but it helps! In this talk we’ll cover the basics of working with text on Linux with Vim, and look at an assortment of tools that can come in handy when working with text on Linux. This includes tools like uniq, sort, less, and everyone’s favorite, cat. You’ll learn how to search with grep, modify streams of text on the fly, and have the tools to get started feeling comfortable editing text on remote systems.

I’m in the “reality is setting in” stage of giving talks. Time to start working on slides and getting prepped. I’m a little bit rusty, I think my last conference talk was 2017 or so. Maybe early 2018. I started as Editorial Director for the Red Hat Blog in June 2018, and was off the road. Then, of course, the pandemic hit and everybody was off the road.

Both talks are on Friday, May 12, so if you’re going to be attending be sure to stick around for the Friday talks!


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