That’s 100…

Today is, if I don’t miss my count, 100 days since I started the 100 day blogging challenge. I’ve updated the site every day since November 21st last year.

It’s been a good exercise. Some days I don’t have a lot left in the tank after work, some days I feel like I could do two or three posts. Focusing here has been great for breaking the Twitter habit.

Question is whether I plan to keep going or take a break. The answer is… maybe? Not letting myself off the hook tomorrow, but I might give myself a few days off here and there. Next week I’m planning to attend SCALE, which will be my first work travel in quite some time. That might cut into any quality blogging time, or it might be something to do when I’m winding down after a long day at the event.

Also considering whether I want to split the blog up a bit into personal and non-personal. Right now and point here. I’ve been wondering how I could break out into a personal-only blog and have a more “professional” presence on It’s a bummer that hosting doesn’t make that easy.

Until tomorrow…

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