Sick kitty

A few days ago I noticed that Lilah wasn’t eating very much. She’s never been particularly food-motivated, and it’s not uncommon for her to ignore her kibble all day and then take a big chunk out of the kibble overnight or whatever.But she just hasn’t been eating much at all the past two days. And she threw up a little yesterday, which is not unusual for cats, but concerning on top of no appetite.

No idea what’s up. Managed to get a vet appointment today – thank goodness for mobile vets – and they’ve given her an exam and taken blood for bloodwork.

No theories right now as to why she’s not eating. Just waiting on blood tests and wondering if I’ll need to get her an ultrasound or something.

Might be serious, might be nothing at all. Whatever it is (or isn’t) right now I’m stressed AF about my buddy.

This is one of the worst parts of having pets. Not the occasional messes or 3 a.m. wake-ups. Not the litter boxes. Just knowing they’re unwell but they can’t tell you what’s wrong. Not knowing whether it’s serious or trivial or how to help.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for trivial and she’ll be back to normal tomorrow or very soon. If you have a fuzzy buddy, give them scritches and hugs for me. That’s the important stuff.


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