Gratuitous birthday post 2023 style

Chalk up one more orbit around the Sun for me. Another year older and maybe a little wiser. Certainly the stretch between the last birthday and this one has been full of life lessons.

Not making much of a fuss about the birthday thing this year, just sort of quietly observing the occasion and spending time with the fam. A big slice of cake, some good food, perhaps just a sip or three of good Scotch, and a couple of presents to open.

The state of the world is… questionable… but I’m very happy with the people (and cats…) in my life and my quality of life. I have few wants for myself and am generally content. That’s a good place to be.

If you’re reading this and feel inclined to grant a birthday wish, though, I’d be grateful and very pleased if folks donated a few bucks to Animal House, Independent Animal Rescue, The Trevor Project, or any good cause.


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