“Major Tom (Coming Home)” – Peter Schilling

I get songs stuck in my head all the time, but usually it’s because I heard a snippet of the song or something that reminded me of the song recently. Other times, a song pops into my head for no reason I can fathom and demands that I give it a few spins before my brain moves on to the next earworm. Such is the case with this cut from Peter Schilling, “Major Tom (Coming Home).”

Yesterday I was minding my own business and it just wedged itself into my my head. Clearly that means I should share it on my blog so that it can go on to infect others.

It’s hard to believe, and perhaps a bit unsettling, that “Major Tom” was released more than 40 years ago. Despite its age, it sounds just as fresh and exciting to me today as it did the first time I stumbled on the video on MTV. Score one for the Internet that you can just dial up the video any time you want rather than waiting around for it to show up again on MTV or pop up on the radio.

If we haven’t put this one on a gold disc on its way out of the solar system, we really ought to get to it.


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