A fine February Caturday

Today has been a fine, lazy Caturday here in Durham. Spring is nudging Winter out of the way, but not without a little push-back. Seems like a good day to post a few pictures of Sam, the ringleader of the former Knox Street gang.

Sam, a housecat, sitting on the back of a couch facing the camera.
Sam is ready for his close-up.

Sam, a grey tabby cat, loafing on the back of a couch with his eyes mostly shut.
Sam is a fantastic loafer. One of the best in the business.

Sam is the most cat-like cat out of the crew. He’s proud, aloof, stubborn, troublesome, but also adorable. And knows it.

Hope you’re having a good Caturday. Time to dish out the kibble and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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