Time to update your… cable?

Anybody else feel like the barrage of app and operating system updates is getting to be a bit much? Not only the pace of updates, which shows no signs of slowing, but also the continual expansion of devices that require updates.

Keeping your computer updated was no big deal. Then gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, smart watches, smart TVs, routers… it’s easy to feel like you spend more time updating devices than using them. And the latest? You need to update your power cord.

If you use recent Apple Magsafe 3 Cables it’s time to update their firmware.That’s right, now something as simple as a power cable gets firmware updates.

To be fair to Apple, the update seems to happen automagically without a user having to initiate the update. But I’d wager most users don’t even realize that their Magsafe 3 cables have enough complexity to require an update in the first place.

I guess there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle, but maybe things are out of hand when something as simple as a power cable needs firmware updates.



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