How have your social media habits changed since the Twitter takeover?

It’s been a few months now since the Twitter Takeover, and Musk’s gutting of the Twitter workforce and various antics. I haven’t deleted my account, but I set it to private and set up shop on Mastodon in mid-November. Curious about what others have done and how your habits have changed (if at all). In the before-times, I’d check Twitter frequently and post and reply quite a few times per day. While a lot of folks I know set up Mastodon / ActivityPub identities, there doesn’t seem to be quite so much activity these days.

Some folks I follow still seem to be active on Twitter, but it seems like a lot of the “microblogging” activity has just stopped altogether. This might just be the circles I travel in, but I’m wondering if the impact will be a lot like Google Reader and RSS.

No, Google Reader didn’t single-handedly kill RSS. It’s still alive and well(ish) but after Reader died RSS seemed much less less vital.

Likewise, Mastodon (etc.) don’t seem to be replacing Twitter for folks who left or curtailed their use. Instead it seems like people are just getting out of the habit altogether.

That’s… not necessarily a bad thing. But I’d love to hear how other people’s social media habits have (or haven’t!) changed since the takeover.


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