Absolute silliness: Hampster Invaders

Hampster Invaders screenshot showing lots of hampsters attacking a base ship.You remember Space Invaders? You remember the Hampster Dance? Get ready for Hampster Invaders.

Pretty much what it sounds like on the tin, the hampsters from Hampster Dance are invading and you have to avoid their… droppings. Pretty much your standard Space Invaders clone except there’s no bases to hide behind. So far my top score is somewhere north of 100,000. Not an exceptional score, but I haven’t spent a lot of time on it.

Hampster Invaders features the song and classic Space Invaders sound effects. Sadly you can’t mute one without the other, and as much as I love the song I love it in small doses.

But this is some good, nostalgic fun. I started dropping quarters in Space Invaders in the 70s, and it’s still as much fun as it was then. Space Invaders and its spiritual cousin Astrosmash are still a great way to pass some time.

The main site, vole.wtf, has a number of web games and even “Voleflix” featuring a bunch of public domain movies. This is what the Internet is truly for, just weird fun mashups that let people demonstrate their creativity and fun hacks.




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