Laws of technology and remote work

Some observations on a Friday evening about the realities of home offices and technology.


  • A laptop’s cabling will always be located on the maximally inconvenient side. Especially power cords with bulky connectors.
  • Internet only fails before or during an important teleconference or the most suspenseful part of a movie or show.
    • This is also true of power outages.
  • Hotel internet is most reliable at mid-range hotels. Fleabag hotels and swank resorts have uniformly crappy internet.
  • The most aloof house cat will only want cuddles when you’re trying to focus.
  • The dongle, connector, cord, or other item you know you own and see frequently when unneeded goes into witness protection when it’s wanted. It will resurface when a replacement is obtained.
  • All deliveries and service calls happen while in meetings.
    • UPS and FedEx only ring the doorbell when it’s inconvenient. Otherwise deliveries are made with maximum stealth. Packages requiring signatures will be announced in a whisper from across the street.
  • After troubleshooting a system or application extensively it will turn out that the problem is a faulty cable or coincidental internet glitch. However, you are likely to have introduced a new, unrelated problem in an attempt to fix the symptoms.

Technology: The solution to, and cause of, most of life’s problems!

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