USB-C is simple, right? Well…

One of the nice things about USB-C is its simplicity, right? No more figuring out which side is up to plug into a device. The connector is super-friendly. But… that’s where the simplicity stops.

Over the past few years I’ve acquired an increasing number of devices that use USB-C connectors as well as Thunderbolt devices with a USB-C type connector as well. All cables, alas, are not created equal.

If you’re confused*, check out this handy guide to USB-C devices. You can also take this little quiz if you’re trying to figure out what cable you need.

I keep hoping someday we’ll reach a plateau of technology where stuff I bought 10 years ago works with stuff I buy today without the need for any additional dongles, adapters, or concessions. I am not optimistic on this front, but I keep hoping. The good news is that I have an amazing collection of wires, connectors, and adapters spanning 25+ years in case I ever need to connect an old school IBM keyboard to PS/2 connector to USB-A connector to USB-C.

* You won’t be after this episode of Soap. Just kidding. That was never true. Every episode of Soap ended on a cliffhanger of some kind, including the last episode of the series that should’ve been followed by season five.


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