Perfect year-end music: Zoë Keating’s Into The Trees

Today was my last work day of 2022. While I was doing some writing I put Into The Trees on for a little focus music. Once again, I was struck by just how beautiful this album is, especially track “Escape Artist.”

Released in 2010, Zoë Keating’s Into The Trees is an amazing work. It’s tagged “classical” and “modern classical” on Bandcamp but I don’t think that quite does it justice. It’s broody and cinematic, she calls her music “the fusion of information architecture and classical music.”

I’m a sucker for cello and I’ve loved the album since I got it, but it hit me just right today. “Achievement Unlocked: 250th listen” perhaps. Anyway, if you need the perfect music to think about the year almost gone by and your plans for the next one, it’d be hard to beat this one.

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