Link-o-Rama: Desert of Social Media, a raccoon and snow, dissecting the LastPass communications

Long day, let’s hit the links.

  • Great post from Cat Valente about the continual ruination of online social communities by corporations and malicious actors. (My words.) “Stop Talking to Each Other and Start Buying Things: Three Decades of Survival in the Desert of Social Media.”

    From Cat, “It’s the same. It’s always been the same. Stop benefitting from the internet, it’s not for you to enjoy, it’s for us to use to extract money from you. Stop finding beauty and connection in the world, loneliness is more profitable and easier to control.Stop being human. A mindless bot who makes regular purchases is all that’s really needed.”

  • And now for something completely different, a raccoon trying to catch snow. This. This is why the Internet exists.
  • LastPast’s comms around its most recent breach are less than reassuring. But if you really want to dig in, Almost Secure really tears into their statement. (Might be time to stop using LastPass.)

More later, goodnight for now.

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