Yak-shaving day

Spent the bulk of the day today doing a little product testing, which involved a lot of yak shaving. Setting up a few servers to test, creating users, etc.

It’s been a little while since I spent a whole day at the console. It’s been simultaneously fun, humbling, and eye-opening. Fun, for obvious reasons. Humbling, because my admin skills are a bit rusty and outdated. And eye-opening because of the sheer number of things that actually do “just work” which … hasn’t always been the case.

Been trying out Hetzner hosting, and having a pretty good experience there. When all is done and said I may go ahead and start self-hosting a few services that I’ve been paying for managed hosting (e.g., this blog). Curious if anybody has strong opinions or suggestions one way or another.

Next steps are to erase everything and start over again, but try to start doing more of this with Ansible playbooks.

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