Miss you, Laney

It’s been a year to the day since I said goodbye to one of the best cats that’s ever walked the planet.

When I first got Laney, I put her in a separate room (like you’re supposed to) to acclimate to the new surroundings and before introducing her to Lilah. She managed to bust out of the room by the second night and found her way up to my pillow, settled down and slept right next to my head. That was that. She decided it was her place, and if Lilah happened to wander too close she’d get a swat.

Mind you, Laney had been declawed before I got her and had no business starting a cat fight with a younger, fully equipped, Murder Cat. But she did, and Lilah backed off. All the cats respected her territory and mighty, if clawless, paws.

It still doesn’t seem quite right without Laney around, nor going to bed and not having Laney settled next to me on the pillow and providing purrs.


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