Caturday cat blogging: From dignified to derp in three seconds

We have, it’s true, a ridiculous number of cats. With six to choose from you might think that I’d have a favorite or two, but I love ’em all equally. However, Sir Wobbles might just be our most photogenic cat. He’s always happy to strike a pose and the camera loves him.

Sir Wobbles, an orange cat looking at the camera being dignified
Sir Wobbles strikes a dignified pose

Here, Sir gives us his dignified, “I’m ready for a cat food sponsorship” pose.

And then, we get another side of Sir Wobbles.

Sir Wobbles, an orange cat, staring up at the ceiling and showing his little fangs.
Sir Wobbles staring at the ceiling and showing off his tiny tooths.

Not so dignified. But still adorable.

Happy Caturday, enjoy your weekend and give all your furry friends a little extra attention today.

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