Hello Percona!

Percona LogoHappy to share that I started a new job this week as Head of Community at Percona! I know it’s traditional to talk about how excited you are for a new job, but it’s true, I’m really psyched about the opportunity, the team I’ll be working with and Percona as a company.

Percona’s philosophy and mission align really nicely with my personal values. Percona is committed to open source and helping its customers succeed with open source databases. Not open core, open source.

The commitment to open source is massively important to me. I consider myself to be fairly pragmatic about open source, but I do believe that being genuinely committed to open source is best for the company, its customers and the larger ecosystem. Done right, everybody wins. Finding that balance is hard, no doubt, but the work is worthwhile and I’m here for it.

Another great thing about Percona? It’s remote-only and committed to distributed work. Some companies allow remote work but fail to shed habits and practices from office-only culture. Since working remotely is the best situation for me, I’m happy to have found a company that is all-in on that.

My key responsibilities to start are going to be around community relations and technical evangelism. I’m leading a small team, and will be working cross-functionally across the organization with marketing, engineering, and probably everybody else just a bit.

The company is just a little bit smaller than the last few organizations I’ve worked for, and I’m enthused about that too. The Percona culture I’ve encountered so far is heavily biased towards empowering people to get things done, and I’m having fun digging in and getting started.

Anyway, much more to write about but that’s for another time. I’ve much to learn and do, so time to get to it!


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