100 day blogging challenge: Let’s get those RSS feeds going again

A fantasy radio computer newspaper device, generated by AI (Midjourney). Kind of steampunk cross between an old radio, computer, speakers and a faded screen with nonsense characters.My Mastodon network is picking up nicely. It’s not quite reached the same level or variety of activity from Twitter, but it’s getting there. I wonder if there’s a chance we can revive actual blogging as well? I’m giving it a shot with a 100 day blogging “challenge” for myself.

A few years ago I did a 100 day challenge for my favorite albums. This time around I’m being a lot more free-form with the content, though I will probably throw some music blogging in the mix over the next few weeks.

I’ve also been sprucing up my long-neglected set of feeds in The Old Reader and culling bookmarks. A lot of stuff in there that hasn’t been updated in more than a year.

If you’re reading this, consider this an invitation to start or dust off your own blog and update it regularly. If 100 days straight is too much, how about twice per week?

Possible topics, if you need some starters:

  • 5 things people should know about your job, but probably don’t
  • How to do X, where X is something you do a lot that seems simple or obvious to you but (again) probably isn’t to others
  • Favorite albums, songs, movies, books, paintings, whatever excites you
  • Cat blogging is always recommended…

Suggestions of topics folks would like to see me blog about always welcome. Also open to suggestions of active blogs in the open source, IndieWeb, music, technology, and general interest areas.


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