Little bug in Apostrophe in Fedora 37 (or “oh, I can’t log into bugzilla”)

Installed Fedora 37 today and it was a pretty smooth experience. No surprises there. One of the recommended applications (Apostrophe) looked interesting so I installed that and found it wouldn’t start.

Poking a bit at the terminal I got a Python error that I chased down on google and tracked back to a missing package (webkit2gtk4.0). Once I installed that it ran just fine.

Went to file a bug and found that I can’t log in with my Fedora Account Services (FAS) account because it had been associated with my Red Hat email. Tried changing it but either it’s not syncing quickly or there’s a snafu elsewhere.

If anybody has a recommendation how to disentangle my FAS login with my old identity so I can (occasionally) report bugs to Fedora, I’m all ears.


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