Month: November 2022

Image of lead press type

A cardinal sin of content marketing: Writing what you want the audience to have read

No matter who your audience1 may be – admins, developers, decision makers, or anyone else – they’re not obligated to read your content. It’s all…

AI-generated picture of a cat staring at a computer, in a woodcut / watercolor style.

20 blogging and article prompts for tech bloggers

Stumped for ideas what to blog about? Not sure what people would want to read that would be worth writing about? Here’s 20 prompts to…

A fantasy radio computer newspaper device, generated by AI (Midjourney). Kind of steampunk cross between an old radio, computer, speakers and a faded screen with nonsense characters.

100 day blogging challenge: Let’s get those RSS feeds going again

My Mastodon network is picking up nicely. It’s not quite reached the same level or variety of activity from Twitter, but it’s getting there. I…

Bear DJ

20 and still Scrobblin’ – at 20

The first song I ever “scrobbled” was, apparently, “Outdoor Miner” by Wire. That was 2006, several years after made its debut. This year the…

Sam’s holiday sweater

Update: Sam actually likes his sweater. Or, at least, it chills him out. He’s an anxious cat and gets really anxious when we have a…

Cartoon bear at the computer (generated by Midjourney v4)

Extremely minimal blogging with WriteFreely

Loving the explosion of IndieWeb activity. For fun I decided to try out WriteFreely, a really minimal blog with ActivityPub features.

Cartoonish AI-generated illustration of a computer with cute blob-like creatures.

Link-o-Rama: Stable Diffusion 2.0, Tragic birth of FM radio, story of goth

Before I’m in a turkey and carbs coma, thought I’d throw a few links into the void.

Black and White ai-generated profile of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare, yea or nay?

Is Shakespeare mandatory for a well-rounded secondary education? After more than 400 years, it’s reasonable to ask whether the canon is due for an overhaul,…

Vim Logo

How I got started with Vim

Yesterday I made an offhand comment about the long story of how I got started with Vim, so I figured I’d follow up today with…

Sketchbook with watercolors and a cup of tea.

Is there a note-taking app that beats Vim, Markdown, and Git?

Usually I avoid post titles / headlines in the form of a question, but I’m genuinely curious: Have you found a good note-taking app that’s…