Saturday singles: Ministry “Good Trouble,” Theon Cross “We Go Again”

Catching up on new music today and two singles grabbed my attention above the rest, a single from Theon Cross and a cut from Ministry for their upcoming album Moral Hygiene.

Theon Cross: “We Go Again”

Theon Cross is a jazz tuba player, and his 2019 LP Fyah is a must-hear for anybody who wants to push the boundaries with some amazing modern jazz.

“We Go Again,” was just dropped on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube and the other usual streaming / digital store suspects. No physical media in sight just yet, but I’m keeping an eye out.

It’s a smooth, not very tuba-forward, piece. Strong recommend, give it a listen or three.

Ministry: “Good Trouble”

Ministry has always been a political band, but I was not expecting a homage to the late, great Congressman John Lewis from Al Jourgensen. Of all the weirdness the 2020s have thrown at us so far, this is one of the better curve balls.

Ministry isn’t breaking any new sonic ground here, but this is a solid track that I suspect will make longtime Ministry fans happy. The entire tracklist is on Bandcamp for Moral Hygiene with a few enticing-sounding tracks like “We Shall Resist” and “Death Toll.” Looking forward to hearing the whole disc when October comes around.

Do yourself a favor and check them both out.


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