Jukebox selections: Bambie Thug, Method of Defiance, Aesthetic Perfection and more

A few of the things that I’ve caught in the last few weeks that are keeping my ears busy, including Method of Defiance, Bambie Thug, Aesthetic Perfection and others.

One of Bill Laswell’s many, many, many, many recurring projects, Method of Defiance is all over the map depending on which album you’re dealing with. Some feature vocalists like Dr. Israel, others are instrumental jams that blow the doors completely off the hinges.

Nahariama is their second instrumental album, this one featuring DJ Krush, Bernie Worrell, Toshinori Kondo, Graham Haynes, Robert Burger, Guy Licata and Aiyb Dieng. Released in April 2013, the album resurfaced recently when Laswell released some vinyl through Bandcamp along with digital downloads.

Expect a longer review at some point, but this one wow’ed me right out of the gate. In particular, “Quantum Clash” is already in high rotation for me.

Bambie Thug’s “Birthday”

I think I stumbled on “Birthday” via Hype Machine? I had to listen to a track from Bambie Thug. This isn’t your standard happy birthday song, I can tell you that.

“Birthday” is a bit under two minutes but it’s a real trip. From The Line of Best Fit, “Birthday” “vibes like a contemporary incarnation of Iggy Pop’s ‘Nightclubbing’, but where pop stumbled through 1970s Berlin taking stock of the brand new dance craze called ‘the nuclear bomb.’ It’s sparse, throbby and hedonistic. Linking to the Soundcloud because the official video is so NSFW it’s hosted on PornHub y’all.

“Automaton (feat. Sebastian Svalland)”

This cut from Aesthetic Perfection (Daniel Graves) released March 5 on Bandcamp reminds me a bit of vintage Nine Inch Nails. Have done a bit of crate digging through Aesthetic Perfection’s back catalog on Bandcamp and they’ve got some really strong songs.

Psytrance Guide: Psy-Trance

This Spotify playlist curated by Daniel Lesden of the Psytrance Guide is fantastic for getting work done. Particularly enjoyed “Soaring Flux (DJ Friendly Mix)” by Amygdala. In the past few months I’ve been digging deeper into Psytrance and Lesden’s guide has been an amazing resource. That, y’all, is what the Internet is really for — letting people nerd out about topics to the benefit of the world.

What are you listening to today? Anything new and interesting? Any suggestions welcome.

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