Link-o-Rama: Hunspell dict format, curl is 23, response to

A few of the posts I found interesting this week.

  • 17 (ever so slightly) weird facts about the most popular dictionary format: “the dictionary format of Hunspell has a lot of peculiarities. Depending on your mindset, you might find the facts below curious, fascinating, ridiculous, or just plain boring. ” (zverok with ruby)
  • Q&A with John Kozubik: Long-form Q&A with the CEO of on Interesting for his discussion of personal technology / tools. I loved using but it was just too pricey for the storage allotted for personal use. Glad they continue to have a successful business.
  • Daniel Stenberg has a nice post about the 23rd anniversary of the first official release of curl. “That was the day the first ever tarball was made available that could build a tool named curl. I put it together and I called it curl 4.0 since I kept the version numbering from the previous names I had used for the tool. Or rather, I bumped it up from 3.12 which was the last version I used under the previous name: urlget.”
  • A worthwhile response to the site that tries to spread FUD about Flatpaks. “A lot of’s statements are made to incite fear in the Linux community. Given that all Flatpak packages are available and able to be edited by anyone, the appropriate response is to educate on why this is a problem, and then fix it. The way that approached this issue says a lot.”

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