The Wonder Twins: Sir Wobbles and Cupcake

Sir Wobbles and Cupcake are siblings that we were fostering a few years ago and decided we couldn’t give them up. Sir Wobbles, as his name suggests, is a wobbly cat – he has a very mild case of CHP or “wobbly cat syndrome” and is not the steadiest on his feet.

His “given” name that he came to us with is “Frito” but most of us just call him Sir, or Sir Wobbles. “Officially” his name is now Sir Frito Wobbleson.

He was very ill as a kitten and almost didn’t make it, but he had an amazing foster mom who specialized in “bottle babies” and he not only survived, but flourished! He’s grown a lot since his early days as a tiny kitten with a stubby orange tail that stuck straight up most of the time.

Cupcake is the kitty who really sealed the deal. She lobbied hard to be adopted, until Meg couldn’t see how we’d part with the Wonder Twins. Which saved me the trouble of begging to keep Sir Wobbles, because there’s no way I could have parted with him when push came to shove.

Wonder Twins getting comfy
Cupcake resting on Sir Wobbles’ paw
Cupcake is very serious

As you can see, they’re as comfy as can be together. They’re a joy to have around and to watch romp through the house.

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