Month: February 2021

Album cover: Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor

Downtempo and chill but still interesting: Massive Attack v Mad Professor

Don’t let the cover fool you, this album is full of chill. No Protection (1995) by Massive Attack v. Mad Professor is nearly 50 minutes…

Tuesday Tortitude

Willow is a great TV buddy. And an excellent cat in general. Just look at that face.

Using the Wayback Machine Downloader to rebuild Dissociated Press

This domain has been online since January 2001. A homepage or, more often, some type of blog has been here almost as long. I’ve been,…

The Stand book cover

Not with a bang, but a whimper: The Stand collapses

Stephen King, and all of us, keep coming back to The Stand trying to get it right. First published in 1978, The Stand has been…

Shpongle Live in London 2013

Shpongle: Live in London

Late to the party is better than never to the party. Shpongle has been around for ages, but first crossed my radar a few months…

Sir Wobbles, the glorious

Praxis: Warszawa

One of Bill Laswell’s many, many, many projects, Praxis is an experimental rock band that has featured a rotating cast of players. This iteration features…