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té’s “Therefore, the fantasy of density fails, and the world that you see is “forgetting” tomorrow.”

If you’d enjoy some hard rock without screamy vocals (or, any, for that matter) then I have a great recommendation for you. Check out té’s Therefore, the fantasy of density fails, and the world that you see is “forgetting” tomorrow. Or ゆえに、密度の幻想は綻び、蹌踉めく世界は明日を『忘却』す。in the original Japanese.

Google claims that the original translates to Therefore, the illusion of density collapses, and the snarling world “forgets” tomorrow. and honestly I like that one a lot better. For brevity’s sake, I’m going to just call it fantasy of density fails.

Not sure if I picture the band snarling but they’re definitely intense.

Playing at the boundary between continuous and discontinuous

I think I stumbled on via Bandcamp but possibly through some of the post-rock and instrumental sets I’ve been digging on YouTube. The last Bandcamp Friday, I stocked up on several of their albums, including this one.

Weighing in at 11 tracks that range from less than two minutes to nearly eight, té brings some tight guitar-heavy rock that feels disciplined but not rigid. Some of the tracks, like “Honeymoon of the “particle” in the desert is the moment of the moment when the existence of me is sparkling.” transition from heavy to almost airy, and back.

For my money, the band manages to be intense without being ponderous. They could hold their own next to Helmet or End of Silence-era Rollins Band, but also deliver some transitions to slower sections that give a bit of a breather to the listener to brace for the next onslaught.

You can give the album a shot on Bandcamp to see if you like it. If you’re into instrumental rock / post-rock (or aren’t sure if you are), I strongly recommend giving this album a spin. I’ve been going down the té rabbit hole and have no regrets.


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