A little Robyn Hitchcock

Went to see Robyn Hitchcock Thursday night at The Arts Center in Carrboro. This was a solo acoustic show, joined for a few songs by Emma Swift. Before the show Emma was working the merch table and we bought a few t-shirts, she asked if we had any requests.

My brain sort of short-circuited because it’s super hard for me to single out one or two songs by Robyn as favorites. I finally asked for “A Skull, a Suitcase, and a Long Red Bottle of Wine,” since it is one of my favorites and I know he doesn’t do it live very often. (Though I’ve gotten to see him do it live three times now, so.) Was super-pleased he did play it towards the end of the set.

Here it is from his show at Rough Trade in NYC, back in 2017 when he did the entirety of Black Snake Diamond Role with Yo La Tengo.

If you prefer electric, here’s Robyn & the Sadies doing a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” and “Lucifer Sam.”

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Hey Joe, Can you believe someone actually was googling your dad. I just met him in the 80s he was striping my friends ride. I think you are under stating his talent. I mean free hand brush painting pin stripes with those color blends and designs it was beautiful incredible shit. I already knew no one but him was going to stripe my car , I was sad to hear of his passing, so it looks like I will never have a pin striped car. I remember an old biz card of his Rotten Ron of Colormania phone CL7-**** that CL was clear water 7 the phone prefix for Pacific, MO. I recall he would come down to the car wash in this El Camino he had it all striped it was awesome that must have been you with him. Yes he was a true master of his art / biz. I often wondered if you were going to pick up the brush, hmmmm. thanks for the memories , by the way just where is Colormania ?

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