“Apostrophe(‘)” by Frank Zappa (No. 58)

Great googly moogly! Frank Zappa's Apostrophe(') fills me with unmitigated joy every time I listen to it. Apostrophe('), particularly the "Yellow Snow Suite" on the first half of the album, is equal parts silliness and brilliant composition and execution. The first four songs on the album, "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" through "Father O'Blivion" are … Continue reading “Apostrophe(‘)” by Frank Zappa (No. 58)

“Black Snake Diamond Röle” by Robyn Hitchcock (No. 59)

The first solo Robyn Hitchcock album, Black Snake Diamond Röle, literally opened a new world of music for me. A friend in high school declared that I'd like it, and handed me a cassette recorded from the LP. She was wrong, though. I didn't like it, I loved it. This was around 1986, and at … Continue reading “Black Snake Diamond Röle” by Robyn Hitchcock (No. 59)