Month: August 2016

Psonic Psunspot album cover

“Psonic Psunspot” by Dukes of Stratosphere / XTC (No. 41)

Psonic Psunspot is the best collection of 60s psychedelia ever recorded in the mid-80s. The members of XTC, working under the pseudonym Dukes of Stratosphear…

Life's Rich Pageant album cover

“Life’s Rich Pageant” by R.E.M. (No. 42)

It’s almost by accident that I wound up being a big fan of R.E.M. A happy accident, I might add. Earlier in this series I…

O, You Sinners album cover

“O, You Sinners” by Eliza Rickman (No. 43)

A few years ago, I went to see Welcome to Night Vale, expecting to be moderately amused. Instead, I was blown away by the WtNV…

Rust Never Sleeps album cover

“Rust Never Sleeps” by Neil Young & Crazy Horse (No. 44)

Rust Never Sleeps is another album I experienced mostly through radio until I was in my late 20s. Experienced piecemeal, the songs are great. Pulled…

Nine Inch Nails album cover for Pretty Hate Machine

“Pretty Hate Machine” by Nine Inch Nails (No. 45)

When I wrote about Hallucination Engine by Material I alluded to two albums on this list being purchased solely on the strength of a review….

Pearl Jam Vs. album cover

“Vs.” by Pearl Jam (No. 46)

Pearl Jam‘s Vs. hits all the sweet spots for me as a fan of the band. All the band’s metaphorical engines are firing at full,…

Wings Over America album cover

“Wings Over America” by Paul McCartney & Wings (No. 47)

Wings live album Wings Over America is another one of those albums that I pretty much wore out the cassette tape. Thank goodness for CDs…

Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos album cover

“Little Earthquakes” by Tori Amos (No. 48)

What’s not to love about Tori Amos‘ debut album, Little Earthquakes? Amos’ command of the piano, her lovely and haunting voice, and the incredibly well-written…

Purple Rain album cover

“Purple Rain” by Prince & The Revolution (No. 49)

As I pulled together my list of my 100 albums, I definitely wrestled with a few of the choices. Where to rank certain albums, whether…

The Smiths ‎– The Queen Is Dead album cover

“The Queen is Dead” by The Smiths (No. 50)

The Smiths didn’t last long, but they left behind an amazing legacy and incredible impact. By the time the band recorded The Queen is Dead…