“Lungs” by Florence + The Machine (No. 96)

Yesterday I said that we’d be getting into some newer music, and I do like to keep my promises. Coming in at 96 on the list is Florence and the Machine‘s Lungs released in 2009.

Not sure where I first heard about Florence and the Machine, but (according to Last.fm) the first time I checked it out was in 2011. It’s been a staple ever since.

Lungs seems an appropriate title for Florence and the Machine’s first outing. Vocalist Florence Welch has a hugely powerful, and beautiful, voice, She expertly moves between delicate passages and a soaring and almost operatic delivery.

The music, of course, is not too shabby either. Lungs has some straightforward rockers that will get you up and dancing. The appropriately named “Drumming Song” is a propulsive, exultant song.

“Kiss with a Fist,” which Welch says is not about domestic abuse, is a barn burner with a massive hook.

The music on Lungs is dense, dynamic, and meant to be played loud. This isn’t headphones in the library music, this is “blast it through the largest speakers you can find on Saturday morning” music. It also makes for amazing driving music, if you have better resistance to the impulse to speed than I do.

If you haven’t been introduced to Florence and the Machine yet, I’d recommend looking for Lungs at first opportunity. It’s a wonderful, amazing album.

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