All mail clients suck…

Mutt just happens to be one of the mail clients that sucks less. I’d been getting tired of Sylpheed lately, so I decided to try out several text mail clients and see how they fit my email volume.

Part of the fruits of my labor is this tutorial on configuring Mutt’s behavior.  If you’ve ever thought about running Mutt, but were put off by the amount of configuration required and the paucity of howto material online, the tutorial just might help.

I like Mutt quite a bit, though I’m still not satisfied with it either… So far, I’ve used Sylpheed, Mutt, Evolution, Thunderbird, Sylpheed-Claws, Pine, KMail, and haven’t found a perfect mail client yet. Sigh. (I’d like KMail a heck of a lot more if it were stable. “Crashy” is not a word I want to use to describe my mail client, and KMail is the least stable Linux mail client I’ve laid hands on.)

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