Galera with Docker: How Synchronous Replication and Linux Containers Mesh Together

Speaker: Raghavendra Prabhu

Raghavendra Prabhu is the Product Lead of Galera-based Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) at Percona. He also works on Xtrabackup and Percona Server intermittently. He joined Percona in the fall of 2011. Before joining, he worked at Yahoo! SDC, Bangalore for 3 years as Systems Engineer, primarily dealing with databases (MySQL and Yahoo Sherpa/PNUTS) and configuration management.

Raghavendra's main interests include databases, virtualization and containers, distributed systems, operating systems including linux kernel. He also likes to contribute and has contributed code upstream to several FOSS projects — for more details on that visit


Galera is the synchronous replication plugin for MySQ, which implements the write-set replication API (WSREP) present in Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC). Linux containers provide isolation to processes and contain them while ensuring bare-metal performance, without any overhead of operating system or full-scale virtualization. Docker, while being a late entrant to this field, has introduced many novel approaches that makes it easy to configure, build, manage and deploy the containers.