The Challenges of Containerizing your Datacenter

Speaker: Daniel Hall

After spending the last four years at REA doing Systems Administration, web page performance and deploying cloud based services, I have moved on to managing cloud services for IoT (Internet of Things) company LIFX. When I'm not playing with pretty lights I spend my time working on RatticDB.


Running a Docker, Marathon and Mesos stack in production is mostly a simple task, but it does come with its challenges. At LIFX we have been running our cloud infrastructure on Mesos and before this talk it will be helping control lights of our users all over the world.

In this talk I will cover how we have configured our Mesos cluster, the issues we have had, how we have worked around them and how you can too. Issues such as service discovery, getting Docker to play nice, understanding how ports work and performing database migrations with your deployments.