Building a PaaS with Docker, Kubernetes, and Hard Work

Speaker: Steven Pousty

Steve is a Dad, Son, Partner, and PaaS Dust Spreader (aka developer evangelist) with OpenShift. He goes around and shows off all the great work the OpenShift engineers do. He can teach you about PaaS with Java, Python, PostgreSQL MongoDB, and some JavaScript. He has deep subject area expertise in GIS/Spatial, Statistics, and Ecology. He has spoken at over 50 conferences and done over 30 workshops including Monktoberfest, MongoNY, JavaOne, FOSS4G, CTIA, AjaxWorld, GeoWeb, Where2.0, and OSCON. Before OpenShift, Steve was a developer evangelist for LinkedIn, deCarta, and ESRI. Steve has a Ph.D. in Ecology from University of Connecticut. He likes building interesting applications and helping developers create great solutions.


This talk will look at how OpenShift has moved from our custom containers and ochestration to Docker, Kubernetes, and the other pieces needed to round out a Platform as a Service. In particular, I will focus most of the talk on the FOSS pieces we are using to add features such as SDN, load balancing, and developer workflow on top of Kubernetes. Code, demos, and discussion will be key to the talk.