More trip photos – polar bears galore!

The story behind the first four – when bears wander into the wrong areas, they can be tranquilized and held for up to 30 days before being released. This is to discourage the bears from wandering into human territory. Then they’re airlifted back to their area.

On vacation: And acting like it!

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, We can work almost anywhere, anytime. That’s… probably unhealthy. I mean, it’s great when you’re supposed to be working. As long as you have a solid Internet connection(*) and a quiet room (and electricity), you can be productive anywhere. Which leads to temptation to … work from anywhere. […]

Proprietary tools for FOSS projects

My position on free and open source software is somewhere in the spectrum between hard-core FSF/GNU position on Free Software, and the corporate open source pragmatism that looks at open source as being great for some things but really not a goal in and of itself. I don’t eschew all proprietary software, and I’m not […]

Marketing is not a spectator sport…

A piece over on Fedora Magazine, following a talk I did at Flock this summer. The short version: open source projects need all the help they can get spreading the word. Fedora, Apache projects, GNU projects, Debian, etc., all depend on word of mouth to reach users. By reaching users, we find new contributors, and […]

Fedora 23 Released

The big news today (at least in my circles) is the Fedora 23 release. Check out the release announcement and then head over to to grab the bits. You might also want to peruse the What’s New in Fedora 23 Workstation piece on Fedora Magazine to learn about some of the changes on the […]

Just what is “open,” anyway?

Here’s something I spend a lot of time thinking about: What constitutes “real” open source? Not just the license, I think the OSI has done just fine in defining an open source license. (And the GNU/FSF folks have done just fine in defining a Free software license as well.) I’m asking, what constitutes a real […]

The evils of top-posting…

Answer: Because it makes it hard to follow conversations in email. Question: Why is top-posting evil? I know I’m fighting a losing battle here, but I occasionally feel compelled to remind people just how inefficient top-posting is for multiple-participant conversations. This is doubly true for people added after the conversation is started. It takes a […]

What good is open source nobody knows about?

Here’s a pet peeve of mine, because I see it time and time again: Folks work on software or projects, put in a ton of effort, and then do nothing to promote the project or release. (And, for bonus points, complain that they don’t understand why the project isn’t getting more attention!) This doesn’t mean […]