A Quick Tip/Request on Social Media

Fail Whale One of the things I use social media for is to put the word out about projects that I work with/on and to draw attention to events or things that might be of interest.

Likewise, a lot of my friends are in a similar position. Whenever I peek into Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, I try to re-share/amplify things that my friends post that might be of interest to people who follow me or are connected to me on social media. This used to be sort of de rigueur for social media, but I’ve noticed that the practice has fallen way off.

Assuming your friends are posting things that might be of interest, you might consider boosting their signal a little and help to spread the word. I generally try to RT or promote other people’s events, posts/articles, and so forth at least as much as my own. And if I notice someone being kind to me on social media, I try to return the favor. (Note, this is not a request that everyone all become retweetbots or anything — just asking for folks to take a second and help promote other folks’ stuff as much as they pimp their own.)

The nice thing is that you have a chance to be exposed to things outside your own network, and I’ve run into a lot of interesting things, articles, and people that way.

Thoughts, comments, flames?

2 thoughts on “A Quick Tip/Request on Social Media

  1. Interesting thought, Joe. I still see a lot of retweets on some topics. I think one problem that I’m finding with social media – particularly Twitter – is that my areas of interest are quite broad, so I worry about spamming friends with stuff they aren’t interested in. I guess I also assume that people with similar interests have probably seen it already, too.

    • My friends are pretty all-over-the-place as well. I pick and choose by what might be of interest to a non-zero number of friends and also on a pay-it-forward basis.

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